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I commented. Hilarity should ensue as the nutnuzzlers arrive.
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This is terrible, dangerous misinformation being spread by a man with something to sell ($2k USD for a 2 day seminar). Fighting someone with a weapon will get you killed. Fighting someone stronger and more aggressive than you will get you injured or killed. The FBI's Crime Victimization Survey shows that fighting an attacker unarmed gets you injured at about twice the rate of cooperating. That rate is an average of all attacks, and is worse for a woman fighting a man.

Criminals don't usually take martial arts, but they spend years committing acts of violence. They are experienced in using their bodies as weapons, attacking without leaving openings for counter attacks, shrugging off non-disabling injuries, and they have no compunction about harming others. Trying to tell people they can easily disable an aware adult because babies can hit noses is childish.

There are plenty of videos of street violence on the Internet. Watch a few, and ask yourself if they look anything like the ridiculous choreography in this video. Ask yourself how these drills would fare when faced with a realistic "sewing machine" knife attack. Try to find any example of an attacker freezing in place after a counter attack. It doesn't happen, and if you rely on such a response, you will get injured or killed.

The only way to learn to fight is to fight. Preferably, you do it in a safe and controlled manner, escalating contact level as you grow more comfortable. You learn not to freeze under stress by being under stress. You can no more learn to fight by doing the drills shown above than you can learn to swim by swinging your limbs around while laying on a coffee table, or learn to drive on ice by talking with an instructor. Anybody that tells you different is misinformed or dishonest.

Mind if I make a form letter out of this for future use?