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The 3rd round was the grappling equivalent of someone spending a round covering up and avoiding strikes. Curran is comfortable off his back so he worked from there. There really can't be any argument over the 3rd round. If you think Mizugaki won that round you need to watch a lot more MMA with KNOWLEDGEABLE people instead of your average mouth breathing, neck-bearded, tapout wearing redneck.
Curran won the third round, but the second was 4:30 of him getting punched in the face followed by one guillotine attempt.

You could maybe make the argument for a draw based on round 3 being 10-8 but Curran in no way won the fight.

Judges who give the round to whoever's on top no matter what else happens are terrible, but fans who discount dozens of clean punches to the face in favor of one sub attempt that didn't succeed are just as bad.