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    Quote Originally Posted by button_hater View Post
    Don't listen to all the fad diet crap, its as bad as the internet itself.
    If you want to be fit, and fitter, you know inside yourself what you have to do.
    You will know this before you do it, you wouldn't even have to ask questions.
    It has alot to do with how you spend your time.
    Spend your time sitting, you will not burn calories.
    Spend your time active and moving and lifting, you will automatically burn calories.
    This is a difference between office workers and laborers.
    Eating fruits vegetables and grains whenever you are hungry will give you nutrition, and not waste calories.
    And I mean any time you are hungry, eat those foods.
    Things like milk and cheese thicken your skin, sometimes some of us might want thick skin.Then its good to eat those things.
    You know if your body is in balance, you would not need to even think about this right?
    But you are asking a question that can never be solved on a mass scale.
    But it can be solved internally in individuals.
    But they have to understand the basics of all things first.
    Spend your spare time running up a mountain, make climbing the mountain your goal.
    Start with a small mountain, end up climbing Everest.
    And when you get to the top of the mountain scream to your God, scream to your higher being, I have defeated this, I have done this.
    Scream it loud.
    I have conquered this thing.
    And then you will find the next level.
    The alternative to this is you could just join a Health Club.
    They will sort you out with diet and exercise on a scientific scale.
    And you will lose weight if you stick to their program.
    But no one every mush sticks to their programs.
    So perhaps look to yourself to do the work.
    in a way, i agree with you, but where did you get the notion of the one i emphasized above?

    to thread starter: better get carbs from fibrous sources(that's for meals), get easy carbs(easy to digest) while and post-activity. get a good serving of protein, vitamins and minerals on the meal before bedtime(better if natural sources) to help repairs on the body. then when you wake up, don't skip breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom View Post
    So Ronaldk, how'd the tourny go?

    If you're still looking for supplements, creatine will let you lift more and train harder and is cheap (<$10 a month from Walmart). Its been around for decades and appears to be safe and effective.
    not great. had fun tho. i was informed on friday that we'd only be split up into weightclasses. they would be:

    <155lbs, 155-170lbs, 170-185lbs, >185lbs

    i was at 188lbs. the smallest guys in this division were >215lbs, no guys in the 185-200 range. on sunday morning (day of) i woke up at 6am, ran a bit, didn't drink water or eat, just had a glass of cranberry juice to help me deposit one at the toilet. weigh-in was around 10 or so. i took my shirt off, got on the scale, 185.0lbs

    hells yeah.

    the place was FUCKING hot tho. it was a big building with glass walls, NO FANS OR VENTILATION. we were all sweating like pigs. so dehydration probably was a factor, despite drinking sips of water and eating (tuna sandwich) until i waited for my match an hour later.

    ended up fighting a very good friend from my gym who had about 4-5 more years training than i did. his cardio was INSANE too, i gassed hard at minute 2.

    aaaand video:

    was fun though. gained experience. i was DEAD after the match tho. my head felt DRAINED, i felt like i might pass out. my fingers eventually got wrinkled from sweating. after drinking water, and then some soda to get sugar in me, and resting for a good few minutes, i felt better.

    any tips for the future?

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    starting earlier with the weight loss can help when you're weighing in on the day. If you hold weight you're more likely to retain strength and sometimes you have a bit more wind (in your lungs not your ass).

    I dropped from 70kg to 64kg in about four weeks by eating my meals in reverse. by this I mean eating a relatively large breakfast (for me a full english), followed by a normal sized lunch and a small dinner (as weight loss becomes harder replace on meal [preferably dinner] with a protein shake and a rye cracker). This, along with 4 lifting sessions a week and regular grappling and boxing sparring makes the weight loss relatively easy with minimal muscle loss.. not that the whole climbing everest thing is a bad idea, I'm sure you'd lose plenty of weight that way too

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