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    Fasten your seat belts, and prepare for lift off
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    Not bad Wc I should've prefaced mine that it's all in rhythm Beastie Boys style.

    Now here it comes at you, just let me reply
    You're a lyrical lamer a bug in my eye.
    Down in Miami where the weather is hot,
    your punches are straight but we know that you're not.
    Take your center-line and your vertical hand,
    but when I come at you, you'll be tastin sand.
    Cause on the ground is where I own,
    and I'll take you down and send you home.

    Edit: And a little something for Rudy (hehe) (This is more Jedi Mind Trick's Scars of the Crucifix rhythm)

    Rudy Rudy what the **** are you doin,
    in the failure of martial world, you're a shoe in.
    Coming on here and you're just waistin your time,
    wasting the space and wastin our rhymes
    Do we gotta take you back to 93
    put you on the mat with fuckin Royce Gracie.
    With your arm in hand,
    Like Moses he led us to the promise land.
    Of real skills, real fights, he opend our eyes.
    And I don't give a **** if you decry, say it was lies.
    Filling the air with your crys, of "steriods did this can't you see?"
    It brought us back to earth just let it be.
    Everybody complainin about dicks in their face,
    Wing Chun tried it out and got put in his place.
    Quit looking around looking down, nobody wants your **** it's over now. Go back on home, Get over this ****, Just say one thing and it'll be over quick.

    (much love Rudy I just felt like Rhyming hehe)
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    x2z gives respect to me,
    Cause he knows his neck would bleed if he tried to get the best of me,
    Though its appreciated cuz, cause I'm here for the lulz,
    It's obvious by your lines, that you ain't gotta pulse,
    You should stick to rhymes, cause wing chun is false,
    No amount of insults will halt the inevitable result,
    Of a loss in the ring, it is chuns faults that takes the gloss off your wins,
    A jab, hook, cross wiped off that grin,
    Cause you know its all dross when you say the chun is king,
    Yeah its fun to begin, are you over 18,
    Its time to wipe your combat slate clean,
    Forget the centreline, stick to angles you'll be mean,
    You're already boxing, like a kangaroo,
    Wing chun blows like a didgeridoo,

    Did ya think you could blue,
    Did you think you could tangle,
    Sorry dude, if you did your chun'll leave you mangled.

    "blue" is Aussie slang for a fight, in case that sounds out of place.

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    This rap battle lacks aliveness. Video or it didn't happen.

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    Woah. Alex Van Halen got huge. Join us... or die
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    This is where the WC guy posts a video of him rapping with a written out preset rap that's incredibly intricate and unrealistic while the other guy stands there and stammers while remaining compliant right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastro
    He screams like a little girl as the pain ripples through his arm, shoots up into his brain, and now your dick is hard.

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    Either that or spittin **** out to a wooden dummy.

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    I'll be spittin lyrics when you're dead and gone
    But that won't be too long, cause I'm out on your lawn.
    I'm gonna stay polite and civil, hell no, **** this,
    I'm going to your dojo now to start a ruckus.
    Barge into the class just to give them all lip then
    flip them till they all **** can Yip Man.
    Try to rap battle, you're a clod and reject.
    Try to fight me you'll be a quadriplegic.
    We start fightin', your face will whiten
    You're frightened as you feel my choke hold tighten.
    Right then, I've gotta go and get some money.
    I'm taking out your girl (you keep the wooden dummy).

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