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    Brock vs. Fedor Arguement

    Probably already done, but I've been getting **** from one of my buddies because I think Fedor would break Lesnar's cocksword in two..

    ..and he seems to think that Brock is the "Future of MMA" and that Fedor is "Past his prime and is fighting has-beens" and is "Hiding in Russia"

    This debate between us has been going on since UFC 100 and since neither of us seems to be giving ground, I figured you guys could impart some old fashioned Bullshido wisdom on the matter, and give your thoughts as to who would win and why.

    From my Cock Chestner loving buddy:
    (Forgive the mispelling, copied and pasted as was written)

    "heres why i think he wont get dominated
    first off
    frank mir is a master at jiu jitsu
    he couldnt do **** on the ground

    second off
    i dont think fedor is as good as he once was
    arlovski was kicking his ass till that bounce off the ropes hook he got nailed by
    third, hes much more powerful and faster than fedor
    he fights like a much smaller HW
    as far as speed goes
    and fedor is getting more and more out of shape"

    So, what you guys think?

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    I hate all of this. ****/Fight/get over it...who gives a ****.
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    I think you should fight your own battles.

    That being said, Brock is not faster than Fedor. Brock is faster than >99% of all 290 lb. humans in the world, but he is not faster than a man noted for being fast at 230 lb.

    Arlovski was also not kicking Fedor's ass by any stretch of the imagination. That man has pulled himself out of much more trouble before, a couple of leg kicks and a handful of straight punches just don't mean anything against Fedor. Especially from someone we knew was going to rely on striking, and doubly so when said striker gets KO'd in such spectacular fashion.

    I highly doubt your friend has been paying enough attention to say with any certainty that Fedor is getting "more and more out of shape".

    Also, Frank Mir did the wrong thing. Fedor's smart enough to learn from that lesson.

    That being said, Brock has as good or better of a chance to win than anyone has in a long while.

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    As much as they want to hype Cock Lesnar's hands I'm not biting. I saw his training high lights and his hands were ****. They were slllloooooowwww, bad technique, so on. I think that trainer is starting to believe the bs he's feeding the reporters and Lesnar. If he wasn't such a good wrestler and SOOO HUGE he wouldn't be anywere near the UFC.
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    I was a little shocked. Sure, he changed sides quickly, but I guess even a dog can realize it has more in common with the wolf than with the shephard.

    I give him the names of some BJJ schools in the area, and we go our separate ways.

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    I think that brock is a force to be reckoned with, but he is stoppable. Emelianenko is somebody that exploits peoples weaknesses. for example, against Coleman, he arm-barred him when he tried a typical wrestling style pin with the arm. brock is an amazing athlete but he has holes in his game. he will be beaten believe you me. it just might take a little time.

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    Yah I agree, I think Brock Lobster will take him Fedor down, try to rape choke him like he did mir, and then get armbarred (in the first round). Fedor definitely has the advantage in striking, so Lobster's best chance is GnP. But yah, Fedor I think.

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    If they fought Fedor should beat Brock. He's quicker , more explosive, far more technical both standing up and on the ground.

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    Fedor is the better overall fighter, there's no doubt in my mind about that, but Brock is a world class wrestler and with all his weight stands a hell of a chance. I'd like to see Brock get his ass handed to him by a fighter as humble as Fedor, but who knows how it'll turn out?
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    Couture was doing well against brock, and he's half his fuckin' size! A lucky punch won the fight for Cock Lobster.

    Fedor doesn't have a weak chin, though. Not saying Randy does, but he's been KO'd more times then Fedor...

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    I agree with moosey

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    After watching the Randleman suplex video, I'm not convinced that anything Lesnar can do to Fedor could result in a KO.

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