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We need less weight classes, not more.

Weight classes are supposed to exist because size ultimately is a factor. However when the #1 HW in the world is 230, it doesn't make much sense to say we need another weight class at 220/230.

Now, if we reach a point where there are no relevant 220/230 lb fighters because they're all getting smoked by the bigger guys, then i'll be open to discussion about another weight class.
Fedor's dominance is akin to Anderson Silva's: he is good enough to fight at a higher weight class. My counterpoint would be the Couture/Lesnar fight, in which the more skilled fighter was purely and simply unable to compete with the sheer size and athleticism of his opponent.

Would you agree that ba 215 weight class would add something new to the table, since I agree with you that a 230 class would cripple the Heavyweight division at the moment.