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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Solvalou View Post
    That YouKnowWho is a whiny little douche. He seems to think that becoming a member here will immediately result in getting haemorrhoids or something.
    I was under the impression from the empty flower forums that he was John Wang - a well respected Shuai Jiao player. A lot of what he is saying there about Bullshido is actually true.

    Still, I love this place.

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    Lokhopkuen is Sifu Kisu, the guy who did the martial arts consulting for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    He seems like a pretty cool guy...just not where his attitudes about the martial arts are concerned.

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    That was probably the most insignificant link I have accessed in those few months (yeah, bsd n00b). Ok it was not that insignificance, it was fun and kinda relief to see meaningful args. Didn't understand if those challenges were really necessary. Sounded funny to me, like a boy when has no args anymore.

    Overall, I agree with most of what people said there and a thing and another from Phrost.

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