Do you speak English?

Do you have a Computer?

Are you capable of stringing words together in order communicate a point of view?

Well if you meet these rigorous standards then wants you to write for us!

We're looking for people for the following positions:

Front Page Editor: Posts daily MMA and Martial Arts related content to the Front Page, including notable forum discussions, reviews, and in-site content.
-Requirements: able to crop images, format UBB code and basic HTML. Spends enough time on the forums to be aware of "hot" discussion topics or other content, and has enough sense to not spotlight garbage. Must be able to post at least one article a day, 5-6 days a week on average.

Featured Column Writers: Are you an expert on something? Is that something, something people in our community give a crap about? Are you capable of meeting a rough, informal deadline and adult level of consistency? Awesome.

We need people who can contribute to several of the existing columns, along with those willing to operate entirely new ones. If you can put out at least one, well-written piece of content a month, on a regular basis, then shoot us an email to content at

Columns needing writers:

How Do Armbar - Highlighting and making fun of posts from other forums/websites on Martial Arts and related subjects.

Badass of the Month - Featuring real people doing really awesome things. Not necessarily heroes, just badasses. Must enjoy caffeine and yell at your computer as you type on a regular basis.

Douchebag of the Month - Same as badasses, except these people need a swift kick in the crotch.

New Column Ideas - we're game, if you're competent.

Please inquire at content at (That's an email address. Actually, if you had to have that explained to you, don't email us, k?)