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Day One: Throws (Gi top or Kurtka needed)
1. Review the big 4
a. Osoto Gari
b. Tai Otoshi/Seoi Nage
c. Uchi Mata
d. O Uchi Gari
2. Gripping
a. Left hand to inside left lapel grab
1. Inside Pant grab to
a. Tani Otoshi/waki Otoshi
b. Ski Lift
Pulls Leg Back:
1. Kata Guruma
2. Tai Otoshi
3. O soto gari
2. Outside Pant Grab to
a. O Uchi Gari
b. Ko Uchi Gari
Pulls Leg Back:
1. Uchi Mata
a. Uchi Mata to Tai Otoshi
b. Uchi Mata to ankle pick
c. Uchi Mata to Kami bassami
d. Uchi Mata to O Uchi Gari

b. Left Inside grip to right hand (whizzer if possible)
1. O Soto Gari/Ko Soto Gari
2. Ippon Seoi Nage (either side)
If you get the Whizzer:
1. Cloth line Ko Uchi Gari
2. Uchi Mata (right side)
3. Tai Otoshi (right side)
4. O Soto Gari from Hell (right side)
4. Intergraded personal attack off of the big 4 (attack to off balance)
5. Defense:
A: Sleeve grabbed:
1. Pistol grip to pop off
a. Reestablish Cross lapel grip
b. Over the back grip
c. Outside two on one
d. Shoot the double
B: Lapel Grabbed:
1. Armpit pop off to double
2. Pistol Grip Pop off to above set
3. Te Guruma
C. Inside Lapel on you:
1. Russian Two on One Defense
D. Russian Two on One:
1. Kami Bassami

Ground game
1. Position, Isolation, Technique
2. Groundwork Transition Drill
3. Throwing to position from the big 4
4. Securing position with your throwing grip, BEFORE hitting the ground
5. Submissions, Judo Style:
a. Ude Garami
b. Ude Gatame
c. Juji Gatame
6. Escaping positions
a. Kesa Gatame
b. Kata Gatame
c. Yoko shiho Gatame
d. Tate Shiho Gatame
8. Escaping submissions.
Defeating the Choke
9. Drills to strengthen your ground game

1. The 4 rules
2. Understanding Combatives and the Law
3. Basic Concepts
a. Either someone is holding you or they are not
b. Attempts to get hold of you are “slow” strikes, treat them as such.
c. Unless this is a “control” situation (rare), there will likely be more than one person, and they WILL be armed.
4. Atemi-Waza in today’s world
a. Best Hand Strikes
b. Best Kicks
5. Defenses from the front
6. Defenses from the rear
7. The Tripp Knife Disarming System:
a. What will not work
b. Where the bad guys train
c. Before you are attacked:
i. Look at your lifestyle (4 rules)
ii. Making yourself a tough target
iii. PPD’s in your area
iv. Teach the pocketful of pennies trick
d. When all else fails:
i. Get two hands on the knife arm
ii. Close the distance, no space between you
iii. Move the arm to the outside:
1. Outside two on one set
2. Inside two on one set
e. Kicking a downed man
f. Escape and injury check
g. Discuss advanced drills
i. Corner
ii. Blood on hands
iii. More than one
iv. Adding PPD’s to the system
8. The Tripp Handgun Disarming System
a. Only two concepts work
i. Minimum training – Fairbairn
ii. Maximum training – Combative Grappling
9. Drills to train self-defense concepts

Day Two: MMA
Warm Up –
1. 20 “get ups” each side
2. 20 sit and spin
3. Pummels
Get Ups:
1. From Guard
2. From double leg
3. Blown double
Guard Top
1. Jaw Lock to
a. Punch out
b. Submission
c. Posture up to G &P
2. G & P inside guard
a. Body, body, head
b. Wrist grabbed, over the top elbow
c. Uppercut
d. Hammer fist to elbow
e. Elbow to thigh then straight right
f. Fake push leg open to overhand right
g. Fake overhand to down elbow to solar plexus

3. Submission of the night
a. Hadaka Jime (guillotine) using stomach to back of head
b. Shift to front face lock
A. Understanding the difference between NHB and MMA
B. What is the best system for MMA?
C. Techniques and concepts
1. Kicking in MMA, neglected concepts
2. Counter kicking, kicking to close the gap and clinch
3. Kicking to the shoot
4. Takedown or slam? The Sambo approach.
5. Tie ups that work
6. Failed Clinch or takedown: Punch Outs
7. Passing the half guard and guard in mma
8. Escapes and Counters
9. The mma guard, why it’s different
10. The mma mount.
SNAFU to TARFU to FUBAR – When things go wrong in MMA
1. NO battle plan in the history of war ever went as planned.
2. The other side doesn’t train with you so they don’t know their part.
3. Poop happens, SNAFU is to be expected.
4. SNAFU to TARFU is avoided through technique selection.
5. TARFU to FUBAR is prevented by proper training drills.
6. TARFU situations:
a. Muai Thai Clinch
i. Elbow over, forearm in throat, wedge hand escape
b. Tough opponent in your guard
i. Sit up Guard position
1. Back to feet: Jujitsu 101
2. Hip Sweep (makikomi)
3. Kimura
4. Guillotine
5. Juji gatame
6. Reverse to his back (passed arm)
c. Mounted
1. Over under hook bridge escape
2. Body lock to hip out
d. On your back
i. You are Face Down (turtle)
1. Stand Up
2. Roll
a. Side with arm clamp
b. Front to guard.
ii. You are face up
1. Frame!
2. Get your back to the mat!
3. If the choke is on:
a. Pull the arms down
b. Turn in
c. Leg locks
d. Pray!

Hope to see you there....