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Can anyone tell me if three year contracts are the norm and
For certain schools yes. Especially if they are what we term as McDojos

if other schools charge a large renewal fee at the end of every contract?
That is news to me. Most try to resell you on the same three year contract. Sounds like the guy set up a renting agreement for his school contracts. You get the good rate the longer you sign for an then it goes up every time after. Sneaky.

I am an Accountant and do not like to be played with numbers where someone is telling me I am getting things for free when it is as plain as day that I am paying for it. As a matter of fact, I was a non-profit Auditor as well. Some of the threads here concern me. The Academy itself is most assurdedly not a non-profit organization, but I can assure you that if the IMAC is a true 501 (c) (3)...it's records may have to be available to the public depending upon the area of the IRS section that the organization falls under. In addition, all funds solicited and/or granted must go to further the purpose of the organization as stated in it's annual filings. The purpose for which the organization was granted a 501 (c) (3) status is always the place to start if one is investigating and/or auditing a non-profit. However, I understand that the original thread was questioning the credentials and positions held by Master Ken Kuek, so I will go no further in the non-profit discussion.
This is actually very interesting and germane to the topic.

If anyone is out there...please respond on the normal progression in Martial Arts Schools.
There really isn't a normal progression it varies wildly. Lee is more IMO. Depending on what you are looking for we can recommend what you should look for in a school.

I don't like being backed in the corner and I especially do not like having my son used as a pawn. I see no need for three year contracts if the school can stand on it's own merits, much less for very young children.
Many schools have contracts but, usually the better schools have yearly with some exceptions. Three years is to long iMO.

I also do not know why someone should have to pay renewal fees at the end of every contract...and yes..I could care less if I get a so called 'free uniform' and three Excellence Seminars where we are pitched on ..'attend all Academy Events' and kids "never quit'. As far as I can tell, Harvard costs as much and you know what you are getting.
Time to say goodbye IMO. Seminars are good but, you should be getting the same training in class IMO.

Regardless of the Master credentials (and I don't see him teaching much), what I have experienced is listed in the 8 things to watch out for when selecting a school. I have encounter at least 7.5 of those items.
Time to go.

I am disappointed to say the least. I cannot find a Taekwondo school close enough to me to have my son continue in the same area. I do not know enough about Martial Arts to know if he could easily take another discipline like Karate or something.

Please help! I hope someone sees this. I know it is an old thread that died out.
Let people know the general area and we may be able to recommend something.