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    Officially converted by Bullshido! Or, why this is the best MA website in the world!

    Hey all,

    Normally, I would have completely different things to do,
    but felt like this would be a moment to give a big 'thank you' to the community here.

    I started MAs as a teenager, because I liked Street Fighter,
    swinging wooden swords, and wearing kimonos.
    I larped until I got 20, and then started to get into kickboxing,
    all the while reading marvelous things about "t3h r34l d34dl1",
    and so on.

    So it was no big surprise that, when my kickboxing group disbanded,
    I entered a Wing Chun dojo, even though I was already pretty good at KB and other things. - The reason for this was that my training partners had repeatedly mentioned my fighting style (low kicks, backfists, dropstep-like moves) to be similar to Wing Chun techniques.

    So I stayed there for a long time, training my ass off with drills.
    And drills.
    And drills.

    While I think my Sifu is a nice person, and a phenomenal trainer, I now, already in some sort of retrospective, call BS on the WC experience:

    It's not that the techniques were ineffective, and it's not that the traditional form/choreography/drill stuff wouldn't be entertaining or make a good workout, it's the complete lack of aliveness in this MA.

    When I did ASK, I was told I could fight after six months.

    In contrast, four years of WC didn't bring me to a point where I learned anything superior to my previous ASK repertoire.
    - No, maybe that's unfair; some neat additions surely were there,
    but the reason I was able to add them to my game was because of the base I had learned from my "All Style Karate" instructor (All Style Karate = kickboxing).
    Out of what I learned at WC, I would never have been able to use them in a fighting/sparring situation.

    Also, WC demands a lot of patience - in the sense that you will have years during which you get pawned in every training section
    because someone always knows a new drill, a new continuation
    of your movement pattern that will make you look bad.

    - This is especially annoying when the technique is crappy or your training partner starts to complain whenever you fall out of your form and do something you would do in a real fighting situation, even just as a test.

    Point is, sooner or later, this takes all the fun out of something that should be a free time activity, and not a dedication.

    Now, about two years ago, I discovered this site here, which questioned and contradicted almost everything I was told at my training, and provoked the start of a thinking process in me:

    Why all this form work?
    Why didn't we spar?
    Why was groundwork neglected the way it was?
    Why no jabs in a boxing art?
    Why all this talk about t3h d34dli, and this macho attitude,
    paired with no fighting competition experience or combat merits other than tales from "t3h str33t", that make anybody LOL who ever has seen any real action?

    The answers were pretty unpleasant: I had wasted time and energy on something that was designed to suck, no matter how hard I trained, and
    no matter how well I felt in the company of the other students.

    Took me some time to realize that, and without the countless examples I had found here, I maybe wouldn't have made that realization.

    So, long story short, here's one more disappointed MAer who quits WC,
    and returns to something considerably less d34dli, but certainly more effective.

    While I am still on very good terms with my dojo (they'll help me prepare for the throwdown and I'll surely hang out there some time more),
    my daily training is now back to my beloved kickboxing.

    I am schooled every time I spar, and if it wasn't for Emevas,
    I would totally suck at the gym, but I am progressing again,
    and this mostly due to the help and advice I got from this community in the last few months.

    Thank you all,
    bullies and bullettes*!

    PS: The reason I wrote so much about the matter is that I feel like there are be many Chunners who suffer from the same problem, but don't have the experience I already brought into the game when I did WC full-time. Relax, guys, sometimes it's fair to say you're not the problem, but the system is. (The fighting system in this case.)

    PS: No, I won't take up BJJ, like everyone else here. I am a striker. For the next months, I'll train mostly alone, until I am back at the level I) was when I left ASK (full split, yay!) and then go and look for a good Karate or MMA gym

    * D&D reference: WIN.

    Rafe, over and out.
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    I think I just filled the cup.
    Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.
    As far as possible, without surrender,
    be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others,
    even to the dull and ignorant;
    they too have their story.

    -excerpt of the poem called "Desiderata," by Max Ehrman, 1927.

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    you're welcome!

    now never mention wing chun again and simply link to this thread instead of getting into arguments with current chunners, no matter how stupid they sound to you.

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    Excellent story. You sound a lit like me about my TSD experience.

    Ex-chunners are often the best to have on your side in an argument on this side. There's some supreme irony somewhere in there, but I'm too dense to pinpoint it.

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    Recently 1point2 was converted by me. We at bullshido would like to welcome you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafael View Post
    PS: No, I won't take up BJJ, like everyone else here. I am a striker.
    How can you say that? I mean, what kind of fighter wouldn't want to roll around on the floor with sweaty bald men and touch them in very inappropriate ways??

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    Threads like this make all the bullshit we go through worth it.

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    You're not the only one, Rafael. was my first exposure to reliable sources whom intelligently articulated what is wrong with a lot of MAs and MA training practices. Before I stumbled upon Bullshido, I had no clue that I was even doing anything incorrect; let alone why it was incorrect.

    I just wish I had found this site before I spent nearly a year at a fairly crappy aikido school. Oh well, better late than never.

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    Thanks, all. :icon_bigg

    I've been slowly getting back in KB over the last few months, but when I decided to attend the Throwdown, I had my decissive moment.
    And to clarify, I am not yet an ex-chunner, and I'll surely spend some more time with my pals there on occasion, but my intent to learn the system up to a master degree is definitely cancelled in favor of, finally, a legit karate bb.

    Apart from that, I felt it would be a good moment to write, because:

    1. You people on this website have really helped making my life better!

    2. With all the trash that has been going on lately, I want put out how much I appreciate the work that is done here. Even if we disagree, I think I learned a few things over the last few years:

    Many martial arts practitioners boast about their supposedly higher ethics, their moral superiority and their honor.
    But those that really have those traits, those that do not only train to impress others, those that want to keep their sport clean of con-men and notorious liars, - those people sooner or later end up here,
    talking the dirty talk, fighting the phony ones, and exposing the frauds.

    Kudos to everyone!

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    I too was converted by Bullshido, a website full of people whose no nonsense, zero tollerance to bullshit actually protects people vulnerable to bad Martial arts practice, dispite what the LARPers would of had me belive.
    So a belated thankyou from me as well.

    Welcome to the community.

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