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    Kimber 1911 TLE2 field stripping question: necessary to remove firing pin, extractor?

    I've decided to use my Kimber for a steel shooting event tomorrow and I have been looking on the internet to find field stripping instructions for it so that I can clean it after I use it.

    I have noticed that all the videos and picture guides cover removal of the firing pin and extractor.

    Is it necessary to remove and clean these parts every time I field strip and clean the Kimber? Most of the time when I read in a firearm manual about field stripping it usually says not to take apart the firing pin assembly and that the firing pin assembly need not be cleaned as part of routine field stripping.

    I have never taken apart a firing pin assembly before, and I'd just feel more comfortable not doing it. Before I attempt that with the Kimber I'd rather take the time to attempt it first on my Romanian surplus Tokarev so if I break it by accident, or fail to assemble it properly, it wouldn't be such a biggie.
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    I've owned a Colt 1911 for almost a decade, and never taken out the firing pin when cleaning this weapon.

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    If you do take it apart, don't let the spring fly out! And no, you don't even need to touch it 99.9% of the time. If your gun is dirty as sin, then maybe, but not usually. Also be sure not to oil the firing pin, since its not needed and sometimes known to cause problems. Sometimes the extractor does build up carbon, but you don't need to remove it to clean it, just brush off the hook when you clean the slide.

    The most essential parts to clean are the barrel, rails, underside of the slide, and inside of the magazine well. Just brush what you can see down with a good solvent when you have the weapon stripped, run the bore brush through back and forth about 10 times, and give it a good oiling. Best way to tell what is enough and not too much when oiling is when you can see and feel the oil but it isn't dripping. When you touch an oiled spot it should leave a fingerprint but not leave a bunch of oil on your fingertip.
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