So, doing my usual rounds and snooping for my articles I got some reports of yet another title fight being canceled.

It started as a report on Graciefighter about Joe Riggs having an adverse reaction to an unnamed drug that will force him to pull out of his fight with Nick Diaz. It's still not an official announcement and you have to be careful with anonymous sources from other news outlets. But, I've done some cross checking and it seems to be an increasingly likely scenario.

I did a write up on the Riggs pull out this morning with the disclaimer that it's still in the purview of rumor until Strikeforce makes its announcement later today. But, this probably means three down.

So, with half of the title bouts potentially gone, has Carano versus Cyborg lost its luster as a card? Also, considering this is the third high profile fight to tank for the month of August, were UFC competitors flying too close to the sun?