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    Heck, ordinary people make their own regular bullets too.

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    You are correct, Phrost. However, I was considering the fact that many blackpowder enthusiasts use round shot. How can you be sure your serial number doesn't get mashed up in the loading process? Besides, that round ball could hit facing any direction. Goodbye serial traces.

    The whole notion is ludicrous.

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    First of all...this is a tax, pure and simple and should be voted down altogether. As we all know, taxes ALWAYS go up. ALWAYS. .005 cents a round can easily go up to 5 cents a round.

    Second...nearly EVERY SINGLE piece of ammo coding legislation COMPLETELY BANS the possession of non-coded ammunition within a state or locality. Some put in windows to get rid of existing ammo to avoid jail sentences..but mostly pressures non-gun buyers. This effectively DESTROYS the surplus ammo market from reloaded military stuff, to vintage stuff that we've always shot from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, China, Russia and the like. This will make the costs of shooting many of our military pattern and surplus guns cost prohibitive and is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to render such guns cost-prohibitive to train with, shoot, or own.

    Thirdly...this is nothing more than "big brother" trying to jump in and create more hoops for gun owners to jump through and nothing more than another opportunity to imprison/fine/annoy gun owners. The legislation is garbage.
    It will have ZERO effect on reducing crime. The only thing it MIGHT do is be able to ID who bought a particular box of ammo (but as much as people sell/trade ammo), how effective would such a system be? It would increase work/recordkeeping by store employees which will in turn, have effect on retail prices. Pure garbage.

    And Finally...what about people who reload? Lots of these laws would outlaw the production of your own ammo. Outlaw reloading....blatantly retarded. Make no mistake my Bullshido brothers and sisters...this is nothing more than a backdoor attempt at gun control through ammunition control.

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