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    Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

    This is a great place to train, flat out. James is very professional and he creates a "team" environment where everyone is out to make everyone else a better fighter. No douchebags allowed. I get better after every training session, no matter if it is just a little bit in one specific area or if I make a huge personal breakthrough with a technique that has been giving me trouble. The schedule is open and accommodating to allow people with demanding careers to still train effectively and if you miss a day you aren't going to be screwed. The instruction is focused on learning the techniques properly and creating a calm fighter who sees options and is able to string combinations of transitions and submissions in order to destabilize his opponent and win. There is a flash video on the website which was shot at the old location, the new gym is bigger and better equipped. If you live in the south Indy area and you really want to train hard in a great school you should stop in and check it out.

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    i havent personaly been to ibjj but one of the current assistant instructors chris papdrica he'll kill me if he saw how i spelt that was one of my orginal instructors ive traiend a decent amout of places and traing with chris was a privlage to say the least stand up or on the floor by far best instruction ive had
    and im assuming chris wouldnt train with any school that did had lower standards i havent seen or bin to the school but chris is their and tells me the instructors are better them him take advantage of this school


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