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    Russell Kairouz Big Brother 11

    I was watching Big Brother 11 (I was too lazy to change channel). During one of the shots, network displayed a subtitle for Russell Kairouz's career/job as MMA Fighter. I spent some time and done online search on sherdog, google, and read few threads that exist about him regarding MMA fighter.

    I did send him a msg today on Facebook asking him if network made a mistake of putting a wrong subtitle for his career/job as MMA Fighter. If not, whether he is pro or ama fighter or aspiring. I have not heard back yet.

    In meanwhile, any one of you heard of him having a fight as pro/ama or training to be a fighter?

    YouTube - Interview with Russell Kairouz of Big Brother 11

    Listen at from 2:12 to 2:15, straight from his mouth.
    "...at night, I fight MMA..."

    Mod: Would it be possible to change the title to Russell Kairouz Big Brother 11 MMA Fighter? I submitted thread by accident without changing the title. Thank you.

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    He probably isn't one, but this is reality tv: it's fake. They're hired to play "characters" not to be themselves.

    I remember during the whole "Don't get ghetto" incident during The Real World, that the black girl who tried to act all hard and poor and stereotypically black was actually an upper-middle class girl from a really nice suburb of Philly who went to a pretty expensive high school. And everyone in Philly hated her after the show because of that. So yeah, don't take it too seriously.

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    I don't watch it myself , but a girl i train with does and told me the other week he was claiming kyokushin and also having completed the 100 man kumite.


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