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Thread: critique me pls

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    most of the important stuff is already said by kid, especially her remark about the kick, keeping the leg lose and just not drive through (during a sparring match that is) is important.

    some minor remarks if i may: gameplay: it's okay to sometimes just push someone backwards if he comes to close.
    just with both hands a snappy push, perhaps followed by a nice roundhouse.
    that depends.

    stay nice and loose and be just a bit more lighter on your feet.

    edit: oh and i forgot to say it already looks pretty decent, im sure you'll get there. ;-)

    i'd recommend besides the sparring also some padwork with an experienced guy: works two ways: he can really go through the details of footwork and he actually knows how to do padwork.

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    Good job, it was more fluent this time but you still tense up, relax.

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