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    !! Use of the Encyclopedia, this forum and you !!

    To save you having to read two separate stickies with regards to how the wiki here at Bullshido is administrated, I've merged the content from the previous post for your convenience.

    The wiki encyclopedia is intended to be a serious and credible source of information within the "consumer advocacy" part of the Bullshido website. There has been, and continues to be a considerable amount of hard work form a number of individuals in its creation, content and upkeep.

    ANYONE found misusing the encyclopedia - for instance - creating non serious articles of little relevance or content, will be subject to action taken against their accounts, ultimately resulting in a ban. If you want to grammatically blow hot air up your own skirt, tell the world how awesome you are or, take the piss out of your fellow bullies then use YMAS or Trollshido. Not the encyclopedia.

    Threads contained here are generally created either by one of the .Org staff following the upload of new or updated content or, resulting from any member clicking on the "discussion" option link included within the article its self, these threads will be moderated for off subject content, such material will be moved to an appropriate forum and, if this occurs repeatedly, offenders will be warned (or worse still, banned because you're a moron)

    As this forum is for discussing specific articles on bullshido.org please refrain from posting in these threads unless you have read that article and have something constructive to add to the discussion.

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    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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