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    Throwdown Thursday - New England Shootout and MegaThrowdown 2009 Announced

    Ahh yes, the MegaThrowdown; that annual event in which Bullies from all corners of the earth converge to share wisdom, harmony, and a spirit of fellowship...

    ...by beating the crap out of each other!

    If you've been living in a hole, the MegaThrowdown is our version of Burning Man or Lollapalooza. But instead of unwashed hippies and music, we go about punching on each other for mutual enrichment and to celebrate our love for the Martial Arts.

    Previous Megas have been held in places such Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York City. There's even talk of a EuroMega, which funny enough, phonetically, sounds like "You're Omega" who happens to be the guy who's graciously hosting this Mega at his school, Santa Barbara Martial Arts. God that was an ugly sentence.

    For details and discussion on the 2009 Mega Throwdown, click here!


    This weekend we'll be having the first Bullshido Shootout in that part of America where once upon a time bullets meant freedom: New England. No, we're not going to be shooting at each other, OK Corral style, but we are going to be having various awesome and interesting firearms available for shooting.

    Bring your own, and bring ammo with you (please). The current Obamania may be showing signs of dying down (just like the economy *rimshot*), but ammo is still scarce.

    Check this thread for more information!

    For more info on upcoming Throwdowns, check the Throwdown Forum. (Duh?)
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    You guys need a Throwdown Canada.


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