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    Old thread, but I found out what the cause of the pain was. I never had the time to see the same doc the number of times necessary to get a diagnosis.

    Upon returning to the States this arnis guy told me it is probably a tendon pain, and showed me some stretches to do before and after. He was right, and the stretches did wonders to make it improve. Now it barely hurts, but when it does stretching alleviates it right away.
    When I read your post, my original thought was patellar tendonitis. 90% chance caused by shoes. Read my responses to shotfighter in his running thread about shoes if you want. That bump just below the knee is where that tendon inserts.


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    Thanks, I started running on the balls of my feet for more speed + power and I don't have that problem anymore. Which leads me to believe it is indeed caused by shoes.

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