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Thread: Rhadi Ferguson

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    Jack Williams claims Rhadi Ferguson as his student. (at the lower right corner)
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    OP, have you searched or posted over at JUDOINFO? I browse over there sometimes and RF seems to be an active contributor.

    You might get a faster, more complete response from RF if you were to post there than by sending him an email - but you should still send him an email first so that you can honestly claim you asked RF before posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockpyle View Post
    I just don’t understand why it is I can easily find out who promoted him to black belt in BJJ (Ricardo Liborio) but such information is more difficult to find out regarding his Judo history.
    Judo has a bit of a different culture in this regard. The rank standards being centrally set and administered by a promotion board rather than your teacher (at least for any serious rank, generally brown belt and up) you're more a British Judo Association black belt rather than being a 'Liborio Black Belt' like you might be in BJJ.

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