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    UFC 100 - The Fights that Launched a Thousand GIFs

    The centennial UFC last night came in with a bang and went out with a groan. Although, the antics associated with the main event notwithstanding, it was an excellent fight card overall and we take our hats off to Joe Silva and the folks at Zuffa for bringing it together.

    The spot for top contender at Middleweight was decisively settled by a flying right hand, the pound-for-pound title remains under the maple leaf, a veteran warhorse wins another battle, and a rising star matches skills with showmanship.

    Dan Henderson spent the majority of the first two rounds stalking Michael Bisping with his right hand loaded, cocked, and in a hot chamber. Bisping for some reason decided to circle directly into its path and eventually paid the price in the second round with one of the most spectacular knockouts we've seen since Rich Franklin KO'd Nate Quarry. Henderson sealed his status as the #1 Middleweight contender with a move that put him in contention for the WWE title, as he executed a flying fist drop onto Bisping's chin before the referee intervened.

    For this, we're awarding him the nickname "The Hammer". Apologies to Matt Hammil and Mark Coleman, Hendo's performance last night supersedes your respective claims to the moniker.

    Georges St. Pierre spent five rounds outgaming young ATT fighter Thiago Alvez both on the feet and through his virtually unstoppable takedowns. Alvez showed the grit and determination of a potential future champion by going the distance with the "pound for pound" champion, and we look forward to seeing him come back and use the experience to fill in the holes in his game.

    44 year old former UFC and Pride Heavyweight champion and the inventor of the Ground and Pound, Mark Coleman pulled out a decision victory against TUF runner-up Stephan Bonner. This was Coleman's first victory in the Octagon in 12 years, and Coleman's familiar strategy of takedowns and control won the day. Claiming to have only been "at 70%" for the fight, he is looking forward to facing more competition in the UFC.

    Tom Lawlor, who the previous day had paid homage to the "Just Bleed guy" at the weigh-ins, made his way down to the ring to the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" As the fight begain, CB Dollaway shot in for a double, using the superior wrestling skills that he's noted for. But even though wrestling would carry other fighters to victory this night, it only spelled disaster for him. Lawlor secured a guillotine choke and rendered CB unconscious within less than a minute in the first round.

    And in the main event, Brock Lesnar dominated Frank Mir to secure his legitimacy as the WWE UFC Heavyweight champion. Lesnar's superior strength and wrestling allowed him to nullify any submission attempts by Mir, and the fight ended with Mir wedged between Brock and the cage, on the receiving end of heavy punches until the referee interceded. For more on this, read this article.

    For full fight results and more discussion, head over to our MMA Discussion Forum.

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    Yeah.........that spittle part was amazing. Stuff just kept coming out.
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    Boy, you weren't kidding about the gifs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Boy, you weren't kidding about the gifs...
    Didnt even talk about or show that badass superman punch off the cage by Belcher.
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