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    He has been a duche yes, but his after fight speech was a lot different to the last one and shows a lot has changed, on the surface at least, if he had changed and is a little more humble then he may make a great champion yet. I'm still not his biggest fan and Carwin could have won with a better plan, but Lesner won, by submission no less, so he is growing in technique and not relying on being bigger and stronger - keep it up and he is just going to get scarier.

    Also why has no one called this dumbass necromancy yet?

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    still a douche

    he's gonna have to do a littel better than just one 'sorry'. sure it seemed genuine, but he's got more than one apology to still hand out. He 's still a little bit aways from gaining true respect. Carwin Introduced him to UFC and he saw that. but he 's still got some others to reconcile with before he gets my respect.

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    ive always hated brock lesnar and will continue to hate him, the man has no class and doesnt deserve to be a professional

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