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    The other side of Validating Judo rank...

    Just got this in the Email...

    <<<Hope you're doing better.

    I've been exchanging emails with Robin at USJA this week and the last rank
    on record they have for me is yonkyu. LMAO.

    I sent them a copy of the recommendation for promotion form from shodan to nidan from the judo camp in 2001.

    She said that they need to see proof that I was a shodan. She said that
    promotion form is out of date. So I'm still not sure as of yet if they'll
    accept that.

    I would need a USJA certificate or USJA membership card that shows me as a

    This is a long shot but would you happen to have anything like that?

    I looked through my stuff and boy it was quite a walk down memory lane. I
    forgot a lot of the things we did.>>>

    Remember the story about the guy who at a green belt had to compete in the Black Belt division? This is him. I KNOW I tested and promoted him. I know he tested for Nidan at Camp. I also know he sent in a check and they cashed it... 4 or 5 years ago! Perhaps more, I am old.

    When he was fighting he was top notch, he won the Shingitai Nationals one year. He fought in the Black Belt division for years.

    For some reason, they have no record of any this.

    FYI: Its why YOU need to keep records of everything you do, and copies of paper work with canceled checks.

    What pisses me off is this poor guy is going to have to jump through flaming hoops, yet others get their papers with no problems.


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    There was a recent incident where four naginata nidans in Europe had everything down to sankyu or yonkyu revoked because of irregularities over time in grade all the way back at the kyu level. Which meant that each subsequent grade was also invalid, and the grade after that, and so forth. They're being made to re-grade for everything.

    In Canada, the kendo federation has moved all of its recordkeeping online to prevent just this sort of thing. To test, you have to log in to the federation web site, and remit your fees electronically. Since there's a record of all your past ranks right there, it isn't possible to sign up for a test you're not entitled to take. We're working on a similar system for the naginata federation.


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