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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Drew University Hosts Ninja Conference?

    Our very own Sam Browning, recently attended a conference of "Koga Ninjas" that was held at Drew University in New Jersey:
    I was attending this discussion because I was interested in obtaining answers to the following questions.

    1) What is Koka or Koga Ryu Ninjitsu?
    2) Does Koka or Koga Ryu Ninjitsu still exist, and are there any people teaching this art who have a legitimate lineage back hundreds of years to feudal era Japan?
    3) Does Jinichi Kawakami have an authentic lineage to Koka ryu ninjutsu?
    4) If Kawakami does have such a lineage, does he have any instructors or senior students who are American?
    5) If Kawakami is a legitimate representative of Koka Ryu, how does that effect the legitimacy of everyone else in the United States who claims to teach "Koga Ryu"?
    Click here to read the full report in our Japanese Martial Arts section.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    People arrived at the Ninja Conference, but no one was there...... UNTIL NINJAS JUMP FROM THE SHADOWS AND CUT THEIR HEAD'S OFF!!!!!!!


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