As many of you know we run a small shooto/mma promotion called the Warrior Challenge.

We have shows for charity, recently one of the fighters on our local card expressed an interest in competing in a national tourney, being that I own a ring & have contacts I have thrown around the idea for quite some time.

recently a girl in my church came around raising $$ to run in the walt disney world marathon for Lukiemia, I wondered if they would run for charity, why couldn't we have a national tourney & raise $$ by fighting.

I am curious if anyone would be willing to help in this endevor, I have called ind. reservations in NY - & Mass. & have also considered vermont as it is local for me.

If anyone would be interested in helping I think this could be a hit, The Warrior challenge is a 501c3 tax exempt charitible org, & our mission statement is to help worthy causes.

I am also interested in anyone who may have fought in either the USKBA genesis mma nationals in NJ, or the ISCF nationals in Iowa to see how it was run, just some general bracketing & recovery time type questions.

Anyway I am hoping some guys from here may take an interest in this, even if it started small as a 3 day 8 man bracket & we built from there, I just need some help!

thank you for your time,

On a side note we still need fighters for our aug 23rd show (20 miles south of albany ny!)

pm me with contact info if you would be interested in participating or competing in an event such as this!