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    Quote Originally Posted by resolve View Post
    He's a mini Australian Shepherd and Black Lab mutt. 55 pounds and way stronger than he should be for his size.

    He likes swimming. I hadn't thought about water sprinting before :)
    I forgot to mention in your last dog post (the one about the angry people) - dude, that dog is beautiful. My parents recently got a mini Australian Shepherd, crazy little guy.

    Back to the topic at hand:

    When I go over to my parents' house I usually tire him out in their pool with water sprinting (as you've seen in some of the above posts).

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    My dog loves tug too. He has a rope toy and a ragged stuffed animal he loves to play with. One is in my house, one in my girlfriend's. He'll bring it up and drop it in front of you.
    When dogs to that **** its not just because he loves it, its a game. Dominance-related. Don't let him win!
    My mutt doesn't tug as hard when he is with me, but he goes all-out with my girlfriend. I think its because he can feel that he can move her weight around more.

    I run with my dog sometimes. Hes heartworm weak pos, so I go real light with him (1-1.5mi). One time before we knew he had heatworm (but he did have it at that point) I ran 3 miles with him and he seemed fine. Your dog looks big enough to run. Mine is only 35 lbs.

    When you run with your dog, show his place though. By that I mean consistantcy, and a firm pull with your arm to let him know that he isn't getting ahead of you.

    My GF would run with him and he comes back spoiled. When he runs with me he stays next to me or behind me, none of this tugging on the leash ****! (he deviats a bit though, and I haven't been able to train him out of it). I tell him good boy every once in a while if he's been running in place. Mine's a lab-terrior mix, a bit on the energetic side but not as much as a real terrior

    Zapruder are you a vet? or a vet in training?
    OP, Your assie/lab looks so nice. What a look. heheheh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapruder View Post
    They are a FANTASTIC breed! I found an OK site that has SOME good ideas, but then again, if you have 3 dog trainers in one room the only thing you can get them to agree on is that the other one is wrong...BA DUM CHA!!

    I dont like using food to train, unless it is something really weird like getting beer from the fridge or closing doors or finding my keys.

    Biggest thing with that breed is CONSISTENCY! If you ask him/her to do something they damn well better do it PERIOD. This takes a RIDICULOUS amount of patience at first since this smart breed already knows he/she can walk all over you. Just be patient and calm and more stubborn than the dog.

    You can always PM me for more specifics.
    Thanks a lot for responding! I guess my main problem was not being consistent with his training. I'll send you a pm to let you know how the training is going.

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