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    Quote Originally Posted by zaohu View Post
    I hate it when I don't see a thread until everyone and their mother has already posted in it.

    I say she had it coming. I'm not for all the BS chauvinism some people consider "the right thing". Women want to be treated like equals, right? She got a face full of fair treatment.
    I believe the phrase to live by is: "Equal rights, equal fights."

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    I think this thread is a hotbed of interesting morality. Here's some of mine. I'm defining fight as the physical expression of affective aggression.

    I'm not going to physically for the sake of anyone (my woman/kid included) who starts a fight until they lose.

    Depending on the circumstances (and the severity), if I'm struck before I can react (open or closed hand) and just that once, I probably wouldn't retaliate. Not worth it. I get hit multiple times or hard enough, however, it's a fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by resolve View Post
    YouTube - Dadagiri 2

    From some crazy Indian gameshow called Dadagiri.

    For those of you who can't understand the accent:

    Dude: You see the thing is we don't want to talk with you actually.
    Whip-bitch: Why don't you go and f*ck off then?
    Dude: You go.
    Dude: You f*ck! How can you slap!?!? How can she slap!?!?(repeat 10 million times)
    Crew: I'll give you slap!
    Crew: *unintelligble*
    Crew: You are f*cked! I f*ck you right now!
    Dude: I don't f*cking care. How can she slap me, sir!?!?! How can she slap!?!?
    *proceed with beatdown*

    Now what do you guys feel about slapping? Fair retaliation? Never slap a lady? Bitchhaditcomin? That guy hit her way too hard?
    Well difficult to say without knowing the context but based off what I saw I'mma go with bitchaditcommin.

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    i wouldnt have slapped the indian girl, i would have headbutted her instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebell View Post
    i wouldnt have slapped the indian girl, i would have headbutted her instead.
    hmmz.. naughty girl with whip and leather.. I would not headbutt her:) she would have given me head instead .. right before the slapping begins:P

    <insert bdms pic>

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