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    ALIAS fightwear interview with Ashly Altman (aka Kidspatula)

    Hey lookey, I've been interviewed again, this time by my sponsor, ALIAS fight wear:

    Interview With Ashley Altman
    Interview by ALIAS Fight Wear

    1. What do you think of the current state of women’s Muay Thai both with regards to the US scene and on a world level?

    The sport is evolving, growing, and getting better and better. There are more and more women getting into Muay Thai all the time, the competition is getting thicker and the skills of the fighters are improving. As far as the US goes, it seems that most of the women that train in Muay Thai have their sights set on MMA since that's the big thing right now, but at least at the amateur level you see more women at every tournament and women's Muay Thai matches are getting seen in lots of events. Things are no where near the level they're going to be at 10 years from now, but there are definitely some sharp fighters around and things are getting better all the time.

    2. Who is your toughest opponent so far?

    I've had some tough fights against tough opponents, but skill wise my toughest opponent so far has been Jennifer Han out of El Paso, TX at the 2006 WAKO Nationals in the lightweight low kick division. It was my 5th fight and her kickboxing record at the time was supposedly 85-4. She was also top ranked with USA boxing and now fights professionally for the WCL. I got my butt kicked, but kept the fight going all three rounds so it was a good experience. Han, in my opinion, is probably one of the more technically skilled fighters out there right now, so it was cool to get to fight her. If we were still fighting at similar weights I would definitely try for a rematch at some point.

    3. What else have you got lined up for this year?

    Right now I'm planning on attending the IKF World Classic in late July in Orlando, then I've got a match with Jenna Castillo for the WCSC amateur bantamweight title at the beginning of August in San Francisco. I'm going to try to get a local fight here in Georgia before IKF, so possibly something very soon. After the title fight in August I should have about 17 fights total so I'll probably be looking into making my professional debut.

    4. Who are you favorite fighters?

    At the very top of my list is Kat Johnson, my girlfriend, teammate and the one that got me into training in the first place. I may be a bit biased but she is tremendously skilled and tough and I think we can all expect her to be competing at the top levels of the sport within the next year or two. Other than that, I've taken a lot of inspiration from Lucia Rijker, Naoko Kumagai, Ilonka Elmont, and Christine Toledo. These fighters have really shown that women do have what it takes to be every bit as skilled as the top men.

    5. Is there anyone in particular you would like to fight?

    Lots of women I'd like to try my skills against, so it's hard to pick just one right now. In the relatively near future I'd love to get fights with Kate Meehan, Felice Herrig and Keri Taylor and really get my name out there against some fairly well known opponents in the USA. Down the line I'd love to get a fight with someone like Linda Ooms.

    6. What are your ambitions for the future?

    Right now my goals are to really put my name out there and bring more exposure to women's Muay Thai as a technical and highly skilled sport. I want to fight the toughest opponents out there and make for some exciting fights to show the world what we can really do. Another goal of mine is that I'd really like to put together a women's Muay Thai team and train the next generation and really bring them to a new level. I've just started helping out teaching a Muay Thai class and getting my skills up as a trainer, so hopefully in the next couple years I can start having an active team of women competing.

    7. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

    Keep an eye out for me and Kat, we should be doing some big things in the coming years :)

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