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    I really want to try out a BAR. :(
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    Wounded Ronin, full autos were singled out because they were the least widely-owned firearms. Fewer gun owners to organize and resist the political pressure, and fewer to oppose any effort to tie the weapons to gangsters. That's in 1986 terms.

    In 1934, they almost weren't singled out . . . early drafts of the law would have treated all handguns the same as machine guns, and there were efforts to amend it to apply the same restrictions to all firearms. "Sportsmen" convinced legislators to scale it back and exclude what they considered "legitimate" arms. The NRA was involved, but only in fine-tuning language and definitions . . . people today often don't realize that the modern NRA-ILA that's such a lobbying powerhouse has its roots in the 1970s.

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