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    I know it isn't osan, but I put up a dojang review for Muay Thai. Time to start a "where to train" thread in Korea?
    I highly recommend Judo or Boxing gyms in Korea. Go straight for the arts that Koreans have been known for.

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    I was in Songtan/Pyeongtaek, Korea (otherwise known as the Osan AB area) for 10 months from July of 2008 to May of 2009. I trained there and looked around a lot. Here is what I know of the area.

    On Base

    There are instructors that teach the following styles:

    • Tae Kwon Do - McDojo/minor-moderate bullshido
    • Hapkido - I don't know.
    • Muay Thai - Garbage, but still probably more worth training than some of the others. Instructor may have never actually trained Muay Thai
    • BJJ - Free, and open ended. Taught by various higher ranks at different times. Consistent blue belt.
    • Tang Soo Do - I don't know.

    Off Base

    All of the classes that teach on base, with the exception of the BJJ, also have a school off base. These schools are no different than the classes on base, with the exception of possibly having more/better equipment.

    In addition, there are at least 2 boxing gyms more-or-less right off base, easily within a short walk from the gate. I checked one out and decided not to train there. The instructor was really nice.

    The place that I decided to train at (based on ease and schedule) was a Judo place. 20-30 minute walk from the gate. All Koreans. Very little English spoken (but they try). GREAT school. Decent, hard training most of the time. Mainly middle school kids, but all nice. There are maybe 10 adult(ish) students that do it because they love it, and like to train hard. Many of the middle school kids (who I'm not much bigger than) also train hard. Main, head, owner/instructor is a really jovial 6th degree male, but the main normal instructor is an early-20's, higher ranking woman who trained for multiple years in Judo at Yong-In University (sport college). She's extremely skilled. I mention this because you're asking for your daughter. There are also a few other girls there (middle schoolers) and one other adult female black belt with a really strong neck.

    Bah, anyway, I'm rambling, sorry about that. I obviously trained at the Judo school the most. Other than that, I trained in the TKD school for 2 months, BJJ for 2 months I think, and the Muay Thai gym for a few weeks.

    If you're looking for more specific information about any of those schools, including names of the instructors, locations, websites, or contact information, I can likely provide all of it if you ask.

    Let me know.

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    Was she able to find a good place to train?

    I am now currently stationed in Korea at Osan for 2 years and I am really wanting to learn the Judo. Do you remember where it was located Tangent?

    A few friends and I started up Osan MMA so we don't have to fall into a trap off base, we have our own 2 hour slot to train in the gym. I just want to hit up Judo so I can get some real MA experience... also working my BJJ.

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