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Wouldn't it, though?

We have plenty of space in the garage/driveway/yard for mats if people have them. We have a horseshoe pit, and now have an inflatable raft with trolling motor, so we'll have a floating beer platform in the pond.

The pond looks swimmable, it's definitely deep enough. Just look out for fish nibbling your nuts.

Just bring booze; that'll be the price of admission. Gotta get the bar properly stocked, after all...

I'd like to have a cage, though. I don't know how far away your domicile is from the W.C.A.

floating beer platforms sound nice, though I won't be drinking, because I'm like twelve years old.

Do you have nice televisions/PPV? If we all through in a few bucks, we could avoid annoying TAP0U7 douchebags! :)