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    I've heard a lot of good things regarding the Armstrong Pull-up Program:

    I haven't tried it personally yet but I'm intending to :smile:

    Pavel Tsatsouline was mentioned earlier. Both his "Grease the groove"-system and ladders might be worth taking a look at.
    Description from the dragondoor forum: (hope that's ok!)

    "Grease the groove", a system of training for strength without burning out. The gist is to do a lot of sets of reps well short of your maximum throughout the day. For example, if you can do 8 pull-ups, throwing everything you have into them, your sets should be 3-5 reps throughout the day. Don't work to exhaustion. Don't even get close. Every so often take a whole day off, then test your new maximum. Works well with pull-ups and one-legged squats.
    Ladders are another method of training for strength without burn-out. You do a rep, take a short rest, do two reps, take a short rest, etc. until you reach a number well short of your maximum. Then you stop, take a longer rest, then start again at 1. For example, using 8 pull-ups as your maximum, you would do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with short rests in-between, then a longer rest afterwards. Generally, the rest between rungs of the ladder should be about how long it would take a training partner to do the rung after you. The rest between ladders depends on your goals: very short for muscle-building and pump, very long for GTG-style practice. Works well with one-arm presses with a DB or KB, also with pull-ups.
    Another link at that forum is for the "Fighter pull-up" which might be interesting to read, and worth trying out. Seems to be a reverse ladder with pull-ups from a fighting stance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRuss View Post
    I don't know of any reason not to do it, although I'd imagine it'd be tough to vary the difficulty with much precision.

    If you're doing pull-down and pull-back, you should be doing some push-up and push-forward at some point in your training as well.
    More pearls from Russ. My usual routine is something like chins supersetted with overhead press, bodyweight rows supersetted with pushups, and something single-leg like heavy lunges or pistol negatives and ab stuff if I have the life left in me to do it.
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    It sounds to me that there may be one of three things going on.

    1) It may be your form. A better way to do pull ups (rather than the idea of doing it so that your chin focuses on going above the bar), is to focus on having your arms come down to our sides as close as possible. This engages the lats much better than the traditional idea of doing a pull up so that your chin touches the bar or whatnot.

    2) Progressive resistance, man. The whole point of progressive resistance is that you add more weight than you did the last time you go to work out. You may not be able to get as many reps in, but you will soon. It engages your body in a way that forces it to move forward.

    3) This one is very unlikely, but I'm only saying it as a possibility because you said your shoulder joints hurt after a bit. You may need to do a bit of work on your rotator muscles, beyond doing arm circles. There are a series of exercises that target the rotator muscles, but I will not post them unless asked. Again, this one seems unlikely; the change in form mentioned in 1) will most likely fix this.

    Be well.

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    Thanks again, all! :-)

    And Sullyy, as to 3), sure, please do!

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