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    When to eat before evening classes?

    I currently train 3 hours x 3 days a week. Classes starte at 6:00 PM on week nights and noon on Saturdays. I feel best, that is more energetic and having greater endurance, when I don't eat anything after 1:00 PM on the days of my evening classes. And I feel my best in Saturday classes when I sleep in and skip breakfast altogether. Having any food still in my system during class, even a glass of milk, makes me feel sluggish and I seem to run out of gas sooner.

    After class I munch a granola bar on the drive home and eat a full meal after showering (no showers at school).

    I am wondering, however, if it would improve my physical development (decreasing body fat / building muscle) to somehow train or force myself to eat a shorter time before training. If so, how long before exercise is ideal? And are there particular foods that you all find easier to stomach and/or more nutritionally beneficial?

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    It sounds like you've already made up your mind. If you're looking to change your mind:
    -Look at the composition of the meals that cause you to feel sluggish.
    -Consider rates of digestion. Some foods clear the digestive system very quickly (one way or another), some sit around for hours on end.
    -Consider the effects of different foods on your blood sugar, both directly (glycemic index) and indirectly (insulin spikes).
    -If you have doubts about your (currently entirely subjective) metrics for effective nutrition, find a better (objective/quantitative) yardstick to assess it by.
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