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    Add SNAAP (Special Needs Advocacy & Awareness Program) to the list of people and organization that Matt Morton has lied to about being a qualified martial artist. He got on the SNAAP 2014 Summer Activity list.

    I sent him an email three weeks ago about his black belt certification. He still hasn’t replied back and I expect he isn’t going to. I remember seeing something about him being 39 years old. I can’t remember the website.

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    This is my first post here and I am not a martial artist. I am serving in the Marine Corps and after today's helicopter crash in Twentynine Palms CA I went to the internet to see if a cause was ever explained about a crash that I had to go help clean up in 1996 that happened during Exercise Purple Star at Camp Lejuene. I came across here and saw that this guy said he was in a helicopter and got messed up. And then made reference to Onslow beach.

    I was at the crash site and spent a couple days there to help recover the helicopters and parts of bodies that were not retrieved in the initial recovery. I went there the day after the crash happened when a Cobra collided with a CH-46. Matter of fact here is where the CH-46 landed.

    well I don't have 5 posts and I guess I can post links to google maps. But here are the coordinates that you can put into the Googlemaps search 3435'54.8"N 7722'47.0"W

    The clear area is where it set down and burned. The area is clear now because all of the surrounding trees had to be cut down in order to place the pieces of the helicopter into large boxes that were later externally lifted out of the clearing by a CH-53. The pieces that were able to be forklifted out of the area were then moved to the large clearing about half a mile to the left of the crash site. The Cobra ended up landing to the right of the clear area.

    The Marines that were flying on the CH-46 mostly belong to 2/8 and I believe there were a couple of Army personnel (2) that were on it as well. All of the dead are documented. Everyone in the CH-46 except for the two pilots and two pilots in the cobra died. The reason is the cockpit of the CH-46 for whatever reason broke off of the body of the helicopter and landed right side up. The rest of the body of the CH-46 was upside down in the marsh. Either way there was no body recovery in the Atlantic ocean by onslow beach as onslow beach is a couple miles away from where this happened.

    I don't know who this guy is but he is full of ****.

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    Also after reading about him being with the rescue party of Captain O'Grady I find it interesting that he would first use the term TRAPP instead of TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel) when he would have had to have practiced conducting TRAP missions in the 6 months prior to the MEU going on its operational deployment. I would also think it was strange that an arty guy would somehow get himself attached to weapons company 3/8 which comprised the rescue team that flew on the helicopters. Matter of fact here are the names that participated.

    Martin Berndt, Chris Gunther, Angel Castro, Anthony Barber, Gregory Hare, Zbigniew Wierzel, Derek Brown, Nicholas Hall, James Jenkins, Glenn Kirst, Dwayne Koceja, Todd Moulder, Scott Mykleby, Paul Oldenburg, Scott Pfister, William Tarbutton, Ian Walsh, Paul Fortunato, Chris Cottrill, Rashon Bennett, John Brokos, Robert Brooks, Paul Bruce, Michael Coats, Frederick Dasse, C.S. Faircloth, Bart Forry, Andrzej Gawrys, Jackie Hunt, Ernest Johnston, Justin Lewis, Justin Lindsey, Daniel Loven, Ryan Maher, Travis Miller, Robert Mooney, Anthony Parham, Michael Pevear, Terry Runyan, Martin Wetterauer, Christopher White, Shawn Williams, Eric Yoerk, Dong Yoo, James Adams, John Evans, Douglas Flanagan, Glenn Miller, Timothy Oberst, G.E. Coleman, Thomas Hillesheim, Andrew Sagarius, John Sprague, Steven Smith, Aaron Kahler, Michael Ogden, Harold Blot, John Sisson, Ronald Walkerwicz, James Wright, Howard Hiatt.

    I don't see that guys name listed and I am amazed that in today's world with everything on the internet this guy would make up some bullshit like this.

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    Matthew morton facebook

    It took me 1 minute to find him.He has a facebook page, But it wont let me post it, since i just joined,But look him up, damn its not that diffacult.,I dont know much about his martial arts credibility but i have seen, with my own 2 eyes,He is Disabled and He has been a guest instructor atleast 1 time in the last 6 months,I know this because, i seen it with my own 2 eyes....He did tell me a small bit about himself,the meds and such as well as he was in the Military but that is all i know of him...Here is his facebook showing pictures of Him and teaching and such.


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