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    Muay Thai
    My mate in Bingampton is 57yrs old and only fights his wife. Sorry, Rev

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    wing chung
    I am going to try to make it.. I would love to see some action

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    Aug 23rd 2009!

    Quote Originally Posted by rev.jc View Post
    I will edit this post once I have the picture & his parents permission!

    We are holding our 9th show august 30th about 30 miles south of albany ny, I have secured a hotel ballroom, & we will be hosting bouts in shooto/am mma - san-da & Muay thai! I am in need of fighters judges & referee's for this event.

    the bulk of the proceedes will go to a local boy with luekimia, I am still awaiting the release form to place his picture & name on the post!

    all bouts are held in our 20' X 20' 5 roped ring, tickts are $20 & gyms will be given expense $$,

    I need fighters at everyweight, I will provide free beer, & food for all coaches & fighters of age who stay at the hotel!

    I could not secure rooms, but did manage to get a resonable rate on the ballroom!

    please help, we need guys for this show hopefully some fresh blood as many of our fighters have gone on to bigger shows!

    the following will be the division & weights

    novice 3 or less bouts(age 18-34)
    Open (age 18-34) 30 or more bouts
    149 &>
    matches will be done day of by draw by class & weight, fighters traveling the longest distance will be drawn first!

    masters & juniors will be pre-matched!

    we will also pre-match any san-da or muay thai matches!

    pm me name,phone & e-mail adress for details, I will edit this post when I get all info in!
    I cannot get to edit the post so here goes, the fights are aug 23rd, we are raising funds for a young girl named faith, faith is 3 years old & had growths on her optic nerves, her eyeballs were removed, she is undergoing some radical procedures & the family is strapped for cash, we are going to help!

    I will match all who I can, we are also having some Warrior challenge special title matches!

    We had to change the date due to mass destruction Aug 29th, we were losing 2 many gyms!

    the card currently stands at

    I need
    1 x 175 with no fights
    2 X 145 - 155 lber with no fights
    1 165-180 lb jr with no fights
    1 155-165 lb jr 0-3 fights
    1 185-195 lb fighter with no fights,
    1 170-180 lb fighter with 3-6 fights
    1 heavyweight!

    current matches made

    110 lb jrs
    Kosher Kickboxer (from here!) vs Ben Dykem (baily's Karate)

    165 lb Big east title bout
    Edron Cedre(Tigon Academy) vs Rapheal Vjdack (Black & Blue mma)

    189 lb masters Division Big east title bout
    David Helephant(islands edge m.a.) vs yes yours truly! J.C. Mullooly

    I am also interested in Muay Thai matches as we have a local school, pm me if interested please give me phone contact info!

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    I am meeting faiths family tommorow, getting pic's & the like, I also need vol judges & officials & the like!

    side note, we are giving travel $$ to each gym, here is how the formula will work,

    tickets are $25,

    $10 goes directly to the family, $7.50 goes to expenses for the show, ins, trophies, shirts ect (yes we are getting the shirts this time) & $7.50 goes to gym travel, the total will be added up & divided by how many guys your gym fights on the card.

    I am getting food & drink for fighters this time as well!

    We are also selling sponsorship for bouts at $100 each! & doing several raffels during the show, not to mention there is a motercycle poker run ending at the ballroom, great time!

    the event is called "THE FIGHT FOR FAITH!"

    This is great for smaller gyms looking to gain ring experience!

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    come on guys!

    We are coming & bringing 6 guys! you should watch the vids on Y- tube, or just google the Empire State Warrior Challenge, this is a great small show!
    It kind of reminded us of Rocky's fight with Spider Ricco in the Original Rocky movie! No frills just fights! But A Blast!

    According to the rev's info there are a ton of guys with no fights ( 4 of our 6) to be included! just a plug from me,

    we will be there Rev.

    By the way if any of you guys have ever seen Rev he is the last thing you would expect as a minister!

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    thanks, I think?

    yes we have a stable of first timers, no fights. I need some smaller gyms this time, anyone know of any mma gyms in Bimington, or Utica? both are within 2
    hours of the event!

    I also could use some volunteer officials with naga experience, we are going to attempt to score this event shooto style!

    if you come I will match you!

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    ps can some one explain how to edit posts, I cannot figure it out, if I'm an idiot thats ok, I just can't get it done!

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