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It is official: The Central Texas Combatives Training Group is proud to welcome Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny to his first seminar in the Lone Star State in 14 years. This seminar will be held near Fort Hood and led by DBMA Training Group Leader SFC Gus Reina (welcome home from Iraq!) a strong military presence is anticipated. This will be a two-day seminar offering guided instruction in the application of Dog Brothers Martial Arts.

Areas of focus will include:

-"Die Less Often" Defense against a Knife Attack and Accessing Weapons.
-Dog Brothers Stickfighting
-Introduction to Kali Tudo (TM)

There will be limited space available, secure your training reservation today!

Saturday & Sunday: $175
Either Day: $100

Sticks, "Blue" Training Pistol, Knife Trainer, and forearm and eye protection are recommended.

Date: Sat & Sun August 1-2
Location: Killeen, Texas
Contact: Steve Miles
Phone (254) 289-6250
Email: [email protected]"

I'll be bringing an Austin contingent to the event, if anyone else feels like tagging along, let me (and steve) know.