So, trying to figure out a different sauce to have with whole wheat pasta and trying to include more yogurt in my diet at the same time, thinking back to time in Turkey and Crete for field work where they put yogurt on everything, and seeing a few online recipes for yogurt sauces that included garlic or tahini, I came up with the idea of just mixing some fat-free yogurt with hummus, then whipping it with a whisk.

Not only did it taste awesome, (had some homemade cilantro and avocado from a farmer's market, which made the combination even better), but I tried it with some veggies (carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers), and it makes a pretty awesome all purpose dipping sauce, too. Almost no time, and a pretty good alternative to more high-fat / low-protein dipping sauces (ranch, etc.) with as much or more flavor.

Also, since the plain, fat free yogurt is about 2 parts to the 1 part of hummus, the combination is not that expensive, (expense has always been my major barrier to following the complete protein with every meal part of the Berardi diet syllabus).

Anyone have any other yogurt concoctions they recommend? I have some all-natural organic peanut butter from Trader Joe's that's the first peanut butter in that class I've found to taste that good, and I'm gonna try some dessert / oatmeal sort of recipes out that way next.