All that is necessary is a little practice in the use of the umbrella, and the self-confidence which knowledge of its potency as a weapon of self-defence will give, for the most delicately-nurtured lady to feel herself more than a match for any cowardly ruffian of the streets.
A reprint of a 1902 newspaper article on the art of umbrella self defense as taught at the Bartitsu Club, and later at Pierre Vigny's school of arms in London.

It's interesting to note the differences between the techniques advocated for self defense with a cane, as opposed to an umbrella. The umbrella defenses are based on thrusts with the metal tip and various hooks and traps with the crook handle plus some unarmed close-combat (which is not detailed in this short article), whereas the walking stick techniques also included a wide range of strikes with the stick. It makes sense; umbrellas were typically too light, and well-padded by the folds of silk and springy "ribs", to deal much of a strike, but they could deliver effective bayonet or fencing-style thrusts.

Know your weapon ...