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    Elite Athlete Management to Offer Free MRI and X-Ray Services to Its Florida Fighters

    In its continuing effort to make provide the best care and services for the fighters on Elite Athlete Managementís roster, Elite has just reached a definitive sponsorship deal with Advanced Diagnostic Group in Orlando, Florida. Advanced Diagnostic is a cutting edge provider of X-Ray and MRI services to patients throughout Central Florida.

    Take a look at their website here...

    Fighters under contract with Elite will now receive the benefit of up to twenty (20) X-Rays or MRI appointments per year. This benefit includes the appointment, the MRI and/or X-Ray reading from a qualified technician or radiologist, and providing the films and reports to the fighter or the fighterís physician for further diagnosis.

    One of the most frustrating things for a fighter to deal with is the lack of health insurance in a career where injury is a daily risk and actually a normal occurrence when ďon the jobĒ. The average national cost for an MRI, including the technicianís report, is $2,000.00 (See Article HERE). The cost of an X-Ray can vary greatly and depends on the type of X-Ray being taken; costs, including radiology report, can span several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

    Without proper diagnosis and treatment, a fighter could actually make a nagging injury worse, and end up sitting on the bench itching to fight and unable to make ends meet. It goes without saying that prompt diagnosis and treatment helps the fighter to stay healthy.

    Elite would like to thank Advanced Diagnostic for its interest in the sport of MMA and the health of the athletes who make MMA the fastest growing sport in the world.

    Train Hard!!! Train Smart!!!

    Erik Whynot
    Elite Athlete Management, Inc.

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    This is awesome; you guys are such a class act.


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