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    Hello from Seattle!


    My name is Joshua and I'm 35. I've trained in Wing Chun Do (Don't know if I am supposed to blank it out in newbie town) for 12 years and taught for 6 - but that was about 3 years ago.

    I'm a fat bastard at 6'4 & 340lbs and am getting back into the swing of things (I've dropped 10lbs in the last week and half - woot!).

    I was, unfortunately, very narrow minded at the age of 19 and started Wing Chun Do in Seattle. I was very new to any type of self defense and was impressed by James DeMiles and some of the other instructors. There were the pictures of Bruce Lee, Jesse Glover, Dan Isanto etc - all in a group paling around. So I KNEW this was the real deal and that I didn't need to learn anything else.

    So I Joined. I liked the strict upper body with few kicks (3 kicks all lower than the waist) as I was pretty tall and already agreed that kicks to the head weren't very feasible in a "realistic" situation.

    I was one of those "This is the end all and be all" of martial arts - other systems were wrong and didn't understand what it was like to hit someone/thing or be hit back. I once tried to go to another school but was totally unimpressed and that just reinforced my narrow scope.

    After 13 years I basically just burned out.

    Now I am currently working on 3 different classes.
    1) LESKAS (Wed/Sat)- (Ryno I see you lurking here, so Yeah, it's me!)
    2) BJJ (Tue/Thu) - There is a Brown Belt under Pedro Sauer teaching near my house.
    3) MMA at mixed times - I don't want to fight professionally (Or at all) so I am using it as a way to get back into shape while trying not to get hurt.

    I am kind of pissed that it took me 15 years to open my vision enough to be willing to learn more and I hope I don't hurt myself doing so at my age and weight.

    Well that's about it in a nutshell.

    Nice to meet you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badacid View Post
    I'm a fat bastard at 6'4 & 340lbs
    WELL HELLLO NOW, Big Poppa!

    Now that you are dropping some weight, why not visit over to the PT forums, Physical Training/Diet/Exercise section and read through some stickies to maximize and make the most of your training time AND increase the bounce-back and recouping time.

    With your new schedule and new training styles, surely your body will begin to revolt at some point, so it is a great place to get some answers for those nagging pains.

    For your new foray into BJJ and MMA, surely you might have some situations you are unaccustomed to encountering in your previous WC training. Go here, to the Basic Fighting Technique sub forum for all those things you either don't want to or don't have the time to ask your new instructor.

    Finally, for your stickfighting, there is a Kempo/Kaju/Kali subforum where you stickfitin' mens can go talk about stickfitin' as well as Kem/npo and the Kaju.

    Again Welcome and we now blame Ryno - Member Profile - Bullshidofor you and will hold him accountable.


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