Hey guys,

Me and another guy (both pretty experienced, but not snobby :) are meeting up on weekends at a pretty nice covered space I found nearby (Fraser St and 50th Ave area). The floor is concrete, so we have mostly been boxing for now, but have recently started wearing foot covers over our shoes and throwing some controlled roundhouse kicks (no thrust kicks with shoes on, obviously). We also do a bit of pad work, a few drills, share ideas and so on. We've even done some ground stuff on the grass nearby when the sun was out. Anyway, we're always looking for more guys to train with there. All sizes and levels welcome. No pressure to do what we do, if you just want to box, just do drills or even just watch the first time around - no problem. As long as you: control your shots and (even more importantly) your ego, have a mouthguard and some 14-16oz gloves (also a cup and foot pads if you want to kick) - we'd love to train with you. Just reply here with an email address or drop me a line at: [email protected]