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    Had all my guns taken away

    Police took all my guns.
    [In Canada getting caught with a handgun and no transport permit would be like getting caught in a football stadium in Texas burning a flag and screaming that Americans SHOULDN'T be allowed the right to bear arms.]

    Basic story- My ex and I get into a fight over custody. I leave and come home.

    My wife after being told about the fight reminds me that my handgun, while in 3 pieces each locked away, isn't in a gun vault. I'm not exactly sure the rules on storing firearms. She suggests I take the pistol and lock it up at my fathers incase my ex shows up at my place or the police come. I don't have a licence to transport it (it was in the mail) BUT I choose to move it anyways. She tells me to bring the ammo and I (wisely) refuse.
    So I throw the pistol into my backpack in the back of my truck and head out to lock the pistol up at my fathers place.
    2 blocks away from my house 4 cop cars are idleing. As I drive past they start to follow me.
    Ambush. I know I'm done.
    [My ex being female and skilled in the arts of manipulation, she makes a first strike move. As I'm leaving her place she calls the police.
    My ex boyfriend just got back from Afghanistan he has PTSD and has bad nightmares. He has a bunch of guns, I'm afraid of him hurting himself. He was here and went crazy]

    So after following me a bit they roar up on me and block me with their cars. Lights in the eyes all that stuff. A very nice police officer approaches me, tells me they had a call about someone being worried over my saftey and asks if theres any weapons in the truck.
    "YUP!" I reply. "I have a .45 pistol in my backpack,it's registered but I don't have a permit for it"
    "Haha, Oh are you serious grant? Get out of the car!" etc..
    I'm put in the back of a cop car handcuffed. Cops ask me if I was drinking, I say no, then thy pull a half a 26 of Whiskey out of my gym bag (which also contained my .45 and 5 mags).
    I start to laugh and say "Yea man this is just like cops, I'm sure that looks pretty fuckin bad! The booze was from a bonfire thother night I never took it out"
    I explained that I got in an argument and I wanted the handgun out of the house. Good plan, poorly executed.

    I'm embarassed to hell,one of the cops is my old TKD instructor. I get brought to the hospital under the mental health act and speak to a bunch of people. More embarassment, one of the mental health dudes is an old Aikido training partner of mine.
    Oh did I mention my wife works at the hospital and they recognized her when she came to see me, handcuffed surrounded by cops.
    [When the cops said they were calling my wife to get my truck after I was arrested I said no, don't, leave the truck I'll pay for the tow truck. No luck)

    I get released from the hospital after they realized my ex was just being spiteful and making that **** up. I did however break the law and transport my handgun without permit. Just to be on the safe side the police also confiscate over a dozen rifles and shotguns.

    For a first time gun control related law beaking such as mine max penalty is 6 months in prison and $2000 fine.

    So then I wasn't sure if I was going to get charged, loose my firearms licence forever, if my weapons would be returned or not.

    Here's the thing.
    Throughout the whole ordeal of being arrested I was 100 respectful and compliant. Yes sir, no sir. Here's exactly what happened sir, yea i realized i fucked up and **** the bed. I realize how bad this looks guys thats why I'm laughing. Hey I know you're just doing your job it's all good man. The police in turn were ultra respectful to me, friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about me. They had a few issues with a buddy of mine coming home. Ended with a swat standoff, some bayonetes being thrown around and **** like that. Guy freaked out, swat almost lit him up.

    Afterwards I guess during debreifs the police involved were shocked over how respectful and compliant I was, they thought it was almost a trick. (Like when someone says I dont wanna fight man a second before they swing at you)
    They discussed the huge difference between the first issue and mine. Guess they appreciated not getting calld fucking pigs or being threatened with loosing their job.

    The police actually went out of their way to help me.
    They had the authority to charge me but choose not to. Why? Because of how respectful I was.
    They also put it a good word for me which smoothed things over with my boss.
    Lastly I could have perminately had my guns and licence taken away through a dfferent (firearm guncontrol) organization (which is the norm) but once again the police went to bat for me, put in a good word and helped me out.

    I just got all my stuff back (against all odds) and I'm looking to pick up a P99 and AR10. I owe a lot to the police, they saved my ass. I think some probably had to do with a clean record and military service but I think the biggest factor was my attitude and not feeding them bullshit.
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    Good for you GS.

    A show of respect and honesty with LEOs goes a long way.

    Glad you're home.

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    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It's a good lesson for everyone about how to interact with the police.
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    I concur. They were following procedure by taking you to the hospital, because your crazy ex said you were trying to hurt yourself. They have to do that, not because they want to **** with you and humiliate you.

    Your reaction was perfect and will be reflected in their reports: that you reacted to a bad situation calmly and respectfully, and that the accusation was clearly unfounded.

    My respect for your self-control.
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    Aikido wins again? ;-)
    Nicely handled.

    1] Great write up. There's a lesson there for everyone (even TheLordHumongus & Kracker).
    2] Awesome you're back in one piece. When are you going back?
    3] Gun pics plz. Then the warm fuzzy feeling will be complete.
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    Self control for the win. Well done GS.

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    In the United States, one thing that helps me is NOT talking to the police.

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    Well done.

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    Judo, baby! Yeah!
    Smoothly handled Sir...!!
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    Congrats! You handled that perfectly. Grace under fire, so to speak.

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