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    wondering about orange county mma gyms

    I am looking for any good gyms in the Irvine area,Ive already took classes at both the gracie barra and nolimits.I liked Gracie Barra but I want to train in stand up also either muay thai,kickboxing,or boxing along with bjj.I was wondering if anyone had any experience with nolimits its a really nice big place but I dont think the training is quite as technique oriented as it is cardio exercising for bjj at least.I also think the trainers at Gracie Barra were more experienced and a little more attentive to you.Ive also heard of people having problems with trying to cancel their accounts at nolimits and having all kinds of problems with not getting their money back and saying that nolimits is going under and all the good trainers left.Either way I would appreatate any opinions or advise by anyone thanks.

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    i trained at no limits for over a year. they recently had a pretty public falling out with the fight team, team oyama. the instructors at no limits are still extremely legit. juliano prado is their head instructor and a black belt under moises muradi. i also believe they have murilo bustamante there as well.

    previously, they also had giva santana, who is well known for his armbars in mma and luciano bandeira, who is a multiple time world bjj champion. (luciano taught most my classes and i was extremely dissapointed when he left.)


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