I was just wondering if anyone here has had acromioplasty surgery? I've had a bad shoulder for over a year now, and the doctor is recommending this as treatment. Cortisone shots give temporary relief, but the inflamation in my shoulder seems to come back once it wears off. PT hasn't been effective either.

Apparently impingement is common with tennis players, baseball players, and stickfighters (evidently in my case). When the cortisone isn't doing it's work, the impingement is fairly annoying but when it really gets inflamed, it is really painful. It's definitely screwing up my workouts, forcing me to play left handed in stickfighting, and avoiding a certain grips and tapping early to any type of shoulder locks in sombo.

So if anyone has experience with this procedure, what do you think?

For more info about my impingement condition, check this out: http://www.shouldersolutions.com/impinge.php