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Pacquiao Accepts Challenge To Fight Mosley

Los Angeles, CA, June 3, 2009—Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao has agreed to meet WBA Welterweight Champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley in a mega-fight at a catch weight. In an interview today with Filipino news organization GMA News, Manny Pacquiao agreed to Mosley’s dare to meet in the ring. “No problem, we can fight. As long we negotiate," Pacquiao said from his hometown, General Santos City.

Mosley countered, “Now that Manny has stated that he is ready to fight me, the only thing left to finish are negotiations. Richard Schaefer and Bob Arum are working out the details now. I will be ready to fight Pacquiao on October 17th.” Mosley has agreed to a 40-60 split and is willing to fight at a catch weight to meet Pacquiao in the ring.

Mosley last faced Antonio Margarito in January 2009 and delivered a ninth-round knockout. Pacquiao is coming off a second-round knock-out victory over Ricky Hatton in May.


Also, from the same site:

Haye Withdraws From June 20th Date Vs. Klitschko - Get Ready For The Backlash!

by James Slater - It's not a joke or a misprint; the Wladimir Klitschko-David Haye fight set for June 20th in Germany is off. All over the news, both on the net and on TV, the word has been revealed that Haye injured a hand during training for the fight, and he needs six to eight weeks so as to be ready to fight. The question now is, will Klitschko opt to take on another opponent on June 20th?

As fans know, the fight has resulted in a huge out-door sell-out at Schalke stadium in Germany, and the administration headache of refunding tickets and so forth may be too big a task to undertake, and the rescheduling of the fight for a later date may be ruled out as a result.. No doubt many, many fans have paid for travel and accommodation so as to be ringside on the 20th, and these same fans may well want to see another opponent step in so as to save the show. It's all speculation at this point, obviously, but after all the talking Haye did going into the bout, Klitschko may take the attitude that Haye has lost his chance.


1) Pac vs. Mosely is awesome. Yeah, Shane is 37, but he made Margarito look like an amateur and went 12 rounds with Cotto. We all know what Pac has done recently and this is fantastic.

Also, kudos to Shane for taking the financial hit with a 40/60 split to make the fight happen and to agree to some kind of catchweight. He'll still get a ton of money, a fantastic amount of exposure and I really do think that this is a great example of how champions should act.

*read* Not like Mayweather who boasts about being the best at 147 (and the world) and then picks Marquez -who is great by the way- instead of a fighter in his own division.

2) Haye vs. Klitchko:

it would have been nice to see a heavyweight fight that actually meant something but it's hard to care about it all that much. It happens, fighters hurt their hands...or maybe he got scared. Either way there are a lot of great fights happening and this was merely going to be one of them.