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    Pat Miletich Wins Lawsuit Against David Kujawski, a "Rabid Dog" Without a Leash

    In the Summer of 2005, Pat Miletich hired David Kujawski of Rabid Dog Productions to serve as his Vice President of New Business Development. A simple background check by Miletich would have revealed that Kujawski suffered from serious mental illness, and had a litigious streak at least 45 cases wide. The Miletich Fighting Systems (MFS)Affiliate System grew at a dizzying rate, reaching a height of approximately 60 affiliates before collapsing in late 2006 and early 2007. Miletich's affiliate system collapsed because of Kujawski's erratic behavior, Miletich's failure to promptly fire Kujawski, and Kujawski's eventual threat to sue all of Miletich's remaining affiliates for copyright infringment after his termination in February of 2007.

    Kujawski then sued Miletich, and Pat counter-sued Kujawski in Minnesota court. In the mean time, Kujawski started several websites slandering* his former employer and tried to trademark and copyright MFS derived materials which Miletich had not protected. In a lawsuit lasting a little over a year, Miletich's lawyer beat Kujawski to a legal pulp and obtained default judgment for $2 million and a civil arrest warrant for Kujawski's arrest. Kujawski then apparently left Minnesota. Today Kujawski continues to wage a cyber campaign against Miletich and any other fight or event promoter unfortunate enough to cross his path.

    *The trial court ruled that David Kujawski slandered Miletich.

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