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    Personally, I don't care for him. He doesn't actually know very much about fighting (especially Muay Thai) and offers very little in the way of genuine insight into what is taking place in the ring -- and that's when he actually does commentate the action, instead of reciting one-liners (many of which are ripped off the Internet and all of which are pre-written before the recording. I've never heard him offer anything "witty" off the cuff) and promoting his magazine and his mate's events. What he does say is often incorrect anyway and just totally pulled out of his arse.

    I also think some of the stupid things he's written in the kickboxing magazine he edits are incredibly ignorant and have been really destructive to the the sport locally, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

    Having said all that, I'm not sure there's necessarily anyone better out there for the job (at least in the case of kickboxing/K-1/Muay Thai -- there may be some better people for Dream, but as I understand it, it's not a gig that pays much, so I'm not sure they'd be willing to fork out for the top US MMA commentators), and clearly a lot of people DO like him, which is positive for the growth of the sports and its coverage on TV.

    I'd say most of the people that dislike him are people who fight/train/or are some way involved in fight sports, and most that love him are casual fans who enjoy the spectical of the fight more than the technical elements of it. The latter group is the one that needs to be expanded and sold on fight sports for them to get more popular or at least remain on TV. The former group will only ever be made up of a smallish gorup of people and while they may grumble about his commentary, they won't stop watching or supporting.

    So screw it -- if Michael Schiavello's commentary makes the fights more entertaining to Regular Joes watching from home, then I can grit my teeth and bear it, because it matters more what they think.

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    "Open the fridge, he`s out cold!"

    Best thing I've ever heard.

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