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    Sao Paulo Open 2009

    Yesterday I fought in the 2009 So Paulo Open and to make things short, I took an unlucky 3rd place. But lets start from the beginning.
    Due to my last competitions I wanted to get some more muscle, since I jumped up a weight class and felt a little out muscled by the guys. Thus I picked up lifting a while ago and to my surprise I dropped back to my original weight class but much stronger and leaner. "Go weightlifting!"
    Unfortunately the last time I could weigh myself was 4 days before the tournament and thus I was not sure how close I am to the limit. This resulted in a 4 day abstinence of all sweets and no food (besides a few peanuts) and only little water for the last 20h before the weigh ins.
    I arrived with quite some time ahead and could check my weight and *tada* I was below weight and had even room to eat some pasta and peanuts I had brought with me and drink some water.
    Unfortunately the organisation this time was not as streamlined as the last couple of cbjje events I have been to but none the less it was quite well organized compared to other events.
    First round:
    As in the last couple of competitions, when ever there is a free pass to be had, I get it and luck was shining on me again this time. So I advanced to the next round with out wasting any energy, but unfortunately also without any mat time.

    Second round:

    YouTube- São Paulo Open Round 2 - First Fight

    I asked Raul a couple of days before the tournament what strategy I should play and he said, pull guard and submit but if you have to stand up in the middle of the fight, go for the take down.
    I followed his advice and pulled guard but like always in my first fight, I am nervous like a chicken and failed to pull guard properly and failing on the sweep as well. I ended up in some sort of half guard, half butterfly.
    I tried to work the omoplata by pushing his head to the side of my butterfly and he tried to stuff it under with his arm. By doing so he exposed it to much and I could get a hold of the far side arm and began to move out my hips on the side of the butterfly because I wanted to go back to full guard and then work the Kimura that he was throwing at me. He blocked my leg with his face which resulted in a break, he got checked and cleared by the ref plus doctor and then for what ever reason we got stood back up instead of returning to the position...
    Well we dabble a little in the stand up and he gets a hold of one of my pant legs, I jump the triangle and he gets points for the take down... I lock the triangle and then I can not decide if I want to finish it or the armbar from triangle. I go back and forth and in the end decide for the triangle and finish the fight.
    Third Round - Semi Finale:

    YouTube- São Paulo Open - Semi Finale - Round 3 - Second Fight

    The entire fight was an even back and forth of attacks between me and him. I attacked for a triangle (he got the take down points...) then we dabble, I work a guard pass, he gets a triangle attempt, I sweep (points) and then we go back and forth. I had a great time!
    In the end it is 2 points and one advantage for both of us, leading to a referee decision. And as the saying goes: "When fighting a Brazilian in Jiu Jitsu, you have to submit him in order to win."
    What makes the loss even more painful is the fact that he went on to win the final in a dominant fashion...
    Over all I am quite pleased with my performance but not happy. I need to work on my Top game. But my game plan to attack from bottom worked pretty well. I hope to get some more competitions "in" so I can better deal with being nervous. What I liked was the fact that this time I actually was "aware" of the fight and was able to direct where it takes place. This is a big plus for me personally. I guess I still have to wait for my fist big tournament win.
    Sometimes you lose and sometimes the other guy wins.

    At this point I don't owe anybody an explenation.

    Schools I trained at:
    Lotus Club Cetepe Liberdade Sao Paulo
    Renzo Gracie NYC
    New York Combat Sambo

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    Gringos always lose decisions in Brazil.

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