A nice post. We have our own equivalent- ANZAC day. That's Australia New Zealand Army Core.
In the first and second world wars the NZ and Australian armies operated largely as an integrated unit and punched well above their weight.
The day is remembered on 25 April every year.

What I particularly like about the ANZAC day services is that they also pay tribute to the enemy soldiers who perished in the conflicts as well as our own. I think that's important. Soldiers don't make wars. They just fight them.

Also, on Chunuk Bair day the Turkish ambassador always comes along as well. Even though it was the Turkish army our troops fought so hard for that feature on the Gallipoli peninsula. The services, once again, always credit the Turks (correctly) for the courage and fortitude of their troops too.

War is an unfortunate reality. Just never forget guys, soldiers don't make these wars. They are just the ones who fight, suffer and die in them.